Fountain Services

If you are looking to install a fountain in your lake or pond, or if your fountain is in need of repair or replacement, look no further than MH Aquatics. We are a complete provider of fountain servicesĀ in Central Ohio and can assist with all of your fountain related needs.

Fountain Services, Installation, and Repair from MH Aquatics

Lake and pond fountains are a lovely accent to both commercial buildings and residential homes. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also work to prevent algae bloom that can develop in stagnant waters.

Listening to the calming sounds of a flowing fountain is the perfect way to unwind and get in touch with nature, and they are easy to install and maintain!


MH Aquatics is the leading manufacturer of natural water fountain sales in Columbus and Delaware, OH. Our company is dedicated to providing you with perfect fountains to compliment your pond or lake. We supply all of the major brands, including Aqua Control, Oase, Otterbine Barebo, and more. We work with both commercial and residential properties, transforming landscapes and helping you make a visual impact that lasts.

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We offer fountain installation services for both residential and commercial properties. We offer both lighted and unlighted fountains in a variety of styles.

Whether you are looking for an extra large fountain for a man made lake or a smaller waterfall style fountain for a backyard Koi pond, our beautiful designs and features will add a lovely sense of peace and tranquility to the area.

Whatever your vision may be, our team is here to assist you with your fountain installation.


Maintaining your lake or pond fountain is very important to ensure a long life of your system. Commercial systems may require more frequent maintenance calls as compared to residential systems, but this will all depend on the environment, location, size of the pond of lake, and water quality.

Our maintenance technicians are highly skilled in this area, and they advise our customers according to their specific maintenance needs. There are various issues that can occur with your fountain that may require repair, and our technicians are available to troubleshoot the problem and get your fountain working properly again.

Common issues include fountain leaks and cracks, as well as pump problems. Whatever the case may be, we will do our very best to get your fountain up and running again as soon as possible.

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Whether you’re looking for fountain installation services in Columbus or fountain maintenance in Delaware, we proudly serve pond and lake owners throughout Central Ohio.

For more information on our fountain services, please contact us online or dial 614-290-6712.

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