Sub Surface Aeration

What is sub surface aeration?

Algae and aquatic weeds can be frustrating for pond owners. Sub surface aeration systems from MH Aquatics can help you minimize unwanted growth and improve the health and quality of your aquatic resource.

Breaking the Cycle of Growth

Overgrowth of algae and weeds tends to be the result of an ecosystem that is out of balance due to water temperature stratification, coupled with an overabundance of nutrients. Leaves, grass, and other organic materials that accumulate in the pond release nutrients, and while nutrients are essential to plant life, excess nutrients in a pond can cause rapid growth of aquatic plants that most pond owners consider a nuisance.

There are three well-known treatment options for this problem: Chemical, Mechanical, and Biological. With sub surface pond aeration being a hybrid of Mechanical and Biological and costing less than most new fountains, it offer the most cost effective and efficient way to break the cycle of growth.

How It Works

Sub Surface Aeration Unit
The best way to describe this system is to imagine a small fish tank with a plastic scuba figurine, complete with bubbles floating to the surface. Imagine this on a much larger scale.

Sub surface aeration works by placing an air compressor on the shore of the pond, running multiple lines out to the bottom of the pond, and diffusers are then fastened to the ends of those lines. Air blown into these lines allows bubbles formed by the diffusers to rise to the pond’s surface.

The air bubbles are not what actually increase oxygen in the pond, it is actually the motion of the surface water moving from the top to the bottom, meaning that the oxygen rich surface water is pulled down to the bottom and repeated.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to using sub surface aeration on your pond. Aerobic Bacteria breaks down the dead and decaying plant matter on the pond’s floor, which reduces the accumulation of algae, weeds, and sludge, and with the movement of water, the nitrogen and phosphorus that are naturally present the water column become suspended, rendering them useless as a food source.

These sub surface aeration units combine biological and mechanical treatments, which makes them the most effective way to clear the pond of excess algae and aquatic weeds. With over ten years of experience in installing these units, we highly recommend using sub surface aeration to Ohio pond and lake owners looking to maintain their ecosystem and keep it free of algae and aquatic weeds.

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