Pond Cleaning and Treatment Services

Pond Cleaning and Treatment Services in Central Ohio

Whether it is at your home or on a commercial property, keeping your pond well maintained and clean is the secret to maintaining your properties natural beauty and value.

Central Ohio Pond Cleaning and Treatment Services from MH Aquatics

The splendor and tranquility of the sun glistening off of your clear clean pond can bring enjoyment and satisfaction to the entire landscape. There is nothing like having a pond and water garden to bring beauty to an area. With Central Ohio pond cleaning services from MH Aquatics, you can maintain this beauty all year round!

Dealing with Natural Pond Growth

A pond will naturally have growth of an assortment of beautiful aquatic plants, which is part of its uniqueness and charm. It is when an imbalance occurs and there is an overgrowth of aquatic weeds and algae that it becomes a problem and an eye sore.

Organic materials can accumulate and begin to supply an abundance of nutrients to the weeds and algae along with the aquatic plants that you want to thrive. Things like grass clippings, fallen leaves, excess fertilizer and other assorted organic materials can get blown in the water by the wind or end up there by rainfall or other means.

With many different types of aquatic plants and the countless chemical and biological ways to combat these pests. As well as several environmental  factors that contribute to the growth of plants and the effectiveness of chemicals, it’s extremely important you use licensed professionals for your ponds treatment needs.

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MH Aquatics holds a Business and Commercial Applicator License through the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  We offer pond owners a wide variety of options to treat the unwanted pond pests that can take over your waters.

Whether you’re looking for pond cleaning services in Columbus or Delaware, we can help! We proudly serve pond and lake owners throughout Central Ohio.

Give us a call today at 614-290-6712 or contact us online for a free pond treatment estimate and to learn more about how we can help keep your pond beautiful.

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