Pond and Lake Management

Pond and Lake Management Services in Central Ohio

MH Aquatics offers a wide variety of environmentally friendly treatments and solutions for commercial and residential properties, and you can count on us to assist you with all of your Ohio pond and lake management needs.

Pond and Lake Management Services from MH Aquatics

Manage Aquatic Weeds & Algae

For commercial and residential pond and lake owners, management of plant life is very important. In order to maintain their natural beauty, the proper handling of algae and aquatic weeds is necessary in order to avoid excess growth and aquatic imbalance.

Aquatic weeds and algae tend to be the main culprits when it comes to ponds and lakes. Ecosystems must maintain a delicate balance, and when organic materials such as leaves, grass clippings, and other organic material accumulate in the pond or lake, they release an abundance of nutrients.

Nutrients are needed in order for aquatic plant life to thrive, but excess amounts of these nutrients in the water can cause severe overgrowth, leaving pond owners with a frustrating mess of weeds and algae.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

You can keep your pond or lake healthy without harming the environment. Let the experts at MH Aquatics serve your needs by providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for eliminating your unwanted pond and lake pests.

For more information on the Central Ohio pond and lake management services we offer in Columbus, Delaware, and the surrounding areas, please contact us online or dial 614-290-6712.

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