Algae Control and Removal Services


58604308 - green algae on a surface of the lake

When a Lake or Pond is a part of your property’s landscaping, you may need effective algae control.

About Algae

Algae can invade all types of water features including lakes, ponds, and fountains. The right amount of algae can improve the health of a pond as it adds an oxygen source for fish and provides them with food. However, if too much algae develops, then it can discolor the water and become dangerous for people and animals. There are many different types of algae including planktonic, filamentous and chara just to name a few. By recognizing the algae variety growing in a water feature, you can treat the organism more effectively.

Chemical Treatment Options for Algae

Additives can be used to treat algae. Furthermore, the product will not harm decorative pond plants or fish when you use it properly.

To remove floating algae, such as filamentous, filtration is a successful treatment method. With filtration, you will install a UV sterilizer, which will eliminate most of the water feature’s biological organisms. The method is easy to maintain. Furthermore, UV sterilizers are available in a variety of wattages to clean ponds of all sizes.

Mechanical and Biological Treatment Methods for Algae

Chemical applications can help reduce algae, however, some ponds may require a more proactive approach. Installing an aeration system such as a fountain, sub-surface aerator or a waterfall. An aeration mechanism will introduce oxygen to the water column to help prevent algae from developing by bolstering the aerobic bacteria in your pond.

The water in a landscaping accessory can be healthy with the proper algae treatment, and when your water feature has the right algae balance, you will appreciate the beauty that it adds to your home or business.

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