Pond & Lake Management

Pond and Lake Management Services

There are many ways to manage Aquatic Weeds and Algae. With a long list of plant species and chemicals ranging in price, let MH Aquatics provide the correct and most cost effective way to eliminate these undesired pests in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

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Fountain Services

Fountain Services

Lake and pond fountains are a lovely accent to both commercial buildings and residential homes. Whether you’re looking for a new fountain or need one repaired, Let MH Aquatics help provide you with the proper information so you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

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Sub Surface Aeration

There are three ways to help manage your pond: Chemical, Biological and Mechanical. With sub surface aeration being a hybrid of Mechanical and Biological and costing less than most new fountains, it’s by far the most cost effective way for preventive maintenance of most ponds.

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MH Aquatics Now Offers Parts From These Fine Companies

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Ohio Air-O-Lator Distributor

MH Aquatics is the exclusive distributor of Air-O-Lator products in the state of Ohio. View our Air-O-Lator gallery.